From Seed to Wellness

The Suposhita Journey

In the midst of a world grappling with health concerns and the reliability of the food they consume, we found ourselves at a crossroads during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our realization was profound: the key to a healthier life lies not only in the ingredients they use but also in how those ingredients are processed. This revelation ignited the spark that would lead to the birth of Suposhita.

Seeds of Inspiration

As we embarked on our quest for better health, we delved deep into research. Our findings unveiled a shocking truth—many of the oils available on the market lacked the essential nutrients due to the heat-intensive extraction process. Our curiosity piqued, we began to unravel the wisdom of our ancestors, who maintained exceptional health through their dietary practices.

Ancient Wisdom Revived

With our newfound knowledge, we dove into the ancient Vedic methods of oil extraction. This traditional approach preserved the nutrients in oils, a secret that had been overlooked in modern times. Fueled by our passion, we embarked on a mission to bring this wisdom back to life, to the benefit of everyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

The Birth of Suposhita

Turning our dreams into reality, we crafted our own Wood Pressing Ghani—an embodiment of their commitment to quality and health. We believed that not only should the end consumers enjoy the benefits of these oils, but the process should also empower farmers by providing them with the best raw materials and a fair partnership.

Nurturing Nature's Process

Suposhita stands by its principle of natural sedimentation, letting nature take its course in separating the oils from the sediments. This commitment to authenticity set us apart in an industry where shortcuts often took precedence. The products that emerge are not just oils; they were the embodiment of purity and wellness.

Our Mission

Demystifying Value

One of the core missions of Suposhita is to shatter the misconception that quality must come with a high price tag. We aim to bridge the gap between affordability and quality, making nutrition-rich, chemical-free products accessible to all.

A Vision for a Healthier Future

As Suposhita's journey continues, our vision grew stronger. we are more than a company; we are a movement advocating for a healthier, more conscious way of life. Through our offerings of oils, honey, ghee, spices, and flour, we pave the path toward a lifestyle that is not only nourishing but also sustainable.